Selgas Cano in Madrid

We have many outstanding creations in this world that aren’t celebrated and Selgas Cano is one of them. This project created an office space that is at one with nature. The Project commenced in 2007 and was developed by Spanish architects Jose Selgas and Lucia Cano, who own the architecture company Selgas Cano. Although, it is in a rather quiet location, you cannot help but marvel at its splendour.

Purpose of design

The inspiration behind this project is to present a work environment that is in sync with nature. It gives the staff members of the company the ability to connect with nature as they carry on with their daily activities. The creators believe that humans are beings of nature but overtime we have lost track of that and have replaced nature. A journey back to our origin should be our ultimate goal.

Descripton of Project

The office is built in the form of an aerodynamic tube. This design incorporates a stretched window on one side that extends into a section of the ceiling. The window performs two functions, it acts as a skylight and a window. With this function, the office space does not need artificial lightning. The staff members’ desks are carefully set along the window to give them an overview of the forest.

As leaves fall and animals pass by, the workers are treated to ever-changing views. Amazingly, about half of the building is below ground level and this serves as a form of insulation to regulate temperature. Ultimately, it makes the environment cool during summer and during winter, it keeps the temperature warm. There are shared desks that glow with desk lamps and spherical lanterns when illuminated at night.