Coolest Office Spaces Around the World

The days of the bland workplace are long behind us – modern-day companies are eschewing beige cubicles and cold dripped coffee for innovative space design, increased comfort, and trendy new amenities in order to appeal to a new generation of workforce, who care where they work as much as how much money they’re making. On this site you will find some of the most cutting edge office spaces in the world.

Design and Practicality Merge Together in Modern-day Spaces

More than just a place to get work done, today’s offices spaces are true works of art, often designed from scratch by world-renowned designers. Take, for instance, video game giant King’s new space in Stockholm, Sweden. Designed by Adolfsson & Partners, the office is covered in Norwegian lichen and silhouetted pine trees, which gives workers the true sensation of being outdoors in the Swedish landscape.

Office Amenities are the New Bonus

While salary packages and benefits clearly continue to transcend all else when deciding between potential job offers, more and more of today’s employees are searching for a strong sense of office culture. Spotify’s headquarters in Stockholm features a LAN room, games rooms, a recording studio and common areas available 24/7; in addition to arranged activities including concerts, sporting activities, and out-of-office excursions available to all employees who wish to participate.

From famous artists, wallpapered bathrooms, and high-end designs, to gelato bars, live-feed mega screens and free beauty bars, the world of office spaces has been completely revolutionised from just 30 years ago. While Google was the first to offer an all-encompassing office environment, companies from all over the world are jumping on-board to embrace the new concept of designed space to attract a new wave of millennial talent into their workforce.