Top Co-Working Spaces in Stockholm

Co-working spaces are the wave of the future in Stockholm. Many of the spaces in that part of the country are specific to an industry or a section or cross-section of the industry. Some are even perfect for those who are visiting and needed a space to work for the day. Some are paid for by investors others are paid for by the companies who work there. Simply put, co-working spaces work.

One of the Top Co-working Spaces in Stockholm

Sup46 was the earliest space to open in 2013. The space was started by three people who wanted to offer entrepreneurs a place to work. It is home to many tech companies. Although highly sought after it offers great office space and amenities inside. If you wish to visit on weekdays you can. Members are allowed in the building anytime, to use the facilities. It’s a great service, right!

Two More of the Top Co-working Spaces in Stockholm

Also, Epicentar is a good place for those who will stay there or move around. You can work in an office or a studio. It responds to your requests as a member and tailors the space for you. It is good for those who are in the digital companies. It offers monthly packages for you to pay. It also offers extracurricular activities not related to your business to keep you happy.

The Castle is a good space for those with low incomes to use as it offers discounts. It offers you the option of sitting where you want but there is a time limit on certain options. Located in a historical building it offers relaxation activities as well as work space. Why people like this space is that it is good for those who like art. Note packages for membership are paid monthly.