Lego in Denmark

Lego has been doing an incredible job in the toy industry since 1949. They have managed to secure their position in the market and provide amazing toys that keep kids and adults busy. Not only is Lego fun to play with, but it also helps to exercise the brain as we need to think when building our creations. So let us find out a little bit more about their headquarters in Denmark.

Building and Architecture

The gorgeous headquarters of this renowned toy maker is situated in Billund, Denmark. Just as you would expect, the building is impressive and has a nice and antique look from the outside. It has a glass wall on which robotic toys are sketched with white bold lines. This exquisite building was created by Danish architects Rune Fjord and Rosan Bosch and is a piece of architecture that definitely deserves some awesome compliments.

Inner look and work environment

The intention behind the unique architecture of this office was to create a fun workplace as this helps to promote the imagination and innovation of its employees. The offices are full of bright colours and there are a number of fun rooms for informal meeting points. There are also private pods and laptop bars for group work or if you need to brief your project manager about progress or fresh ideas.

The one thing that adds humour to this fun and creative work place is the wacky use of scales. A giant Lego man, huge glass wall graphics, a garden of bonsai trees and games like table football will keep you entertained. The building has several floors, but the most interesting feature is that you can transport yourself from upper floor to the ground floor by using a slide. How cool is that?