A Facebook office can now be found in Palo Alto, California. There is a nice bright red sign with bold white lettering on a bed of green lawn in front of the building. Thus, the headquarters of Facebook is easy for both workers and customers to locate. The office is modern and has all the up to date amenities that one would expect to find in such a large establishment as Facebook. Current Office Design Locatеd in a formеr laboratory constructеd in thе 1960s, thе building housеs ovеr 700 еmployееs. Facеbook’s currеnt hеadquartеrs fеaturе opеn plan officеs, Xbox 360s, chеssboard and Ping-Pong tablеs for еmployееRead More →

Co-working spaces are the wave of the future in Stockholm. Many of the spaces in that part of the country are specific to an industry or a section or cross-section of the industry. Some are even perfect for those who are visiting and needed a space to work for the day. Some are paid for by investors others are paid for by the companies who work there. Simply put, co-working spaces work. One of the Top Co-working Spaces in Stockholm Sup46 was the earliest space to open in 2013. The space was started by three people who wanted to offer entrepreneurs a place to work.Read More →

Lego has been doing an incredible job in the toy industry since 1949. They have managed to secure their position in the market and provide amazing toys that keep kids and adults busy. Not only is Lego fun to play with, but it also helps to exercise the brain as we need to think when building our creations. So let us find out a little bit more about their headquarters in Denmark. Building and Architecture The gorgeous headquarters of this renowned toy maker is situated in Billund, Denmark. Just as you would expect, the building is impressive and has a nice and antique look fromRead More →

The online search giant, Google, is everywhere. There are over 2,500 employees from around the world in Zurich, which is already Google’s largest office outside of the US. Switzerland offers Google a unique educational system, liberal and flexible conditions as well as reliability. Google opened its new offices at Zurich in 2017 and since then it has soared higher with regular product testing taking place at the research offices. Working at Google in Zurich Working with Google is almost every software developer’s dream and it even gets better when you work in the Zurich office. The average pay for a Software Engineer in Zurich isRead More →

We have many outstanding creations in this world that aren’t celebrated and Selgas Cano is one of them. This project created an office space that is at one with nature. The Project commenced in 2007 and was developed by Spanish architects Jose Selgas and Lucia Cano, who own the architecture company Selgas Cano. Although, it is in a rather quiet location, you cannot help but marvel at its splendour. Purpose of design The inspiration behind this project is to present a work environment that is in sync with nature. It gives the staff members of the company the ability to connect with nature as theyRead More →

The days of the bland workplace are long behind us – modern-day companies are eschewing beige cubicles and cold dripped coffee for innovative space design, increased comfort, and trendy new amenities in order to appeal to a new generation of workforce, who care where they work as much as how much money they’re making. On this site you will find some of the most cutting edge office spaces in the world. Design and Practicality Merge Together in Modern-day Spaces More than just a place to get work done, today’s offices spaces are true works of art, often designed from scratch by world-renowned designers. Take, forRead More →